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The Benevolence Committee is made up of twenty-five congregational members, consisting of four sub-committees who are responsible for allocating and distributing funds for the greatest benefit to benevolent and missionary causes: to give assistance to the needy: and for promotion of the Christian faith.

We believe that benevolence is one of the primary ways we can fulfill our mission of being "...the arms of Christ in our time and place." This includes not only financial support but also sharing our love, time, devotion, and the Holy Gospel to those living in the community. Since 1983, The Church at Horseshoe Bay has provided over seven million dollars in charitable support.

Family Programs, Foreign Missions, Education/Food Pantries/Veteran’s Service and Children’s Camps and Programs are supported as well as special projects such as Thanksgiving for Others, Elves for the Elderly and Christmas for Others.

Benevolent Applicant Qualifications

Benevolence agencies who have been suggested or requested to be considered for support will be asked to submit details of their goals or objectives, their beneficiaries and their Christian associations, endeavors or intentions. A written outline of this information in addition to financial statements should be provided to the Benevolence Committee at an agreed upon time.


The Committee will review the information submitted and will ask for additional information or notify the applicant of acceptance or rejection in a timely manner.


If a request is approved, a member of the Benevolence Committee will be assigned to monitor the organization and to maintain a close liaison to determine if the support should be modified, increased or discontinued. A review of the applicant’s information will be done annually.

Benevolence Agencies