faithbridge-4About the Faith Bridge Class

The Faith Bridge Class was formed in the fall of 2013 with a core group of a few couples. It has grown to a membership of close to 100 members who meet in the Fellowship Hall each Sunday morning. It is taught by a rotating group of six teachers who collectively choose the curriculum. The teachers are: Reagan Lambert, Gail Matthews, Dwight King, Ann Higdon, and Jane and Bill Boisvert. The studies are chosen from exciting contemporary authors such as James MacDonald, Max Lucado, David Jeremiah, and Rick Warren. The lessons include a video as well as workbooks.

The Faith Bridge Class welcomes anyone who would like to increase their faith and spiritual walk, as well as find a support group of loving friends. We enjoy mission projects, social events and a weekly newsletter in addition to our Sunday studies.

        New Study Beginning April 23Image result for wide angle by rick warren and chuck colson

Wide Angle by Rick Warren and Chuck Colson    



April 23


Session 1


My Worldview Matters



Jane Boisvert


April 30



Session 2


How Do We Know What’s True?


Bill Boisvert


May 7



Session 3


Where Did We Come From?


Ann Higdon


May 14



Session 4


It’s a Messed Up World


Joe Dan Rowland


May 21



Session 5


What’s the Solution?


Gail Matthews


May 28



Session 6


What Do I Do Now?


Reagan Lambert