seekers.jpgThe Seekers Bible Study meets each Sunday in Classroom 2 of the Education Building at 9:45 a.m.

This class seeks to increase their understanding through study of a wide range of topics relevant to Christian scholarship and life applications in the modern world.

Teachers in this class are Jim Jorden, Stan Smith, Linda Wilson, and Russell York.

This group of seekers structures themselves around the “class” concept:

A Christian Education “class” is a group of people who meet together for an extended period of time to study a series of topics. A class is a group of people with and for whom one feels an affinity and affection. A class is a group of people with whom one enjoys sharing time and study. A class is a group of people who miss you when you’re gone and welcome you back when you return.

Moreover, the class follows a study + service + fellowship model. Through these three modes of Christian worship and work the class develops cohesiveness as a group of people with and for whom any member feels an affinity and affection.

The study format followed in this class is structured discussion of material presented by expert professors – mainly video or audio lecturers for The Teaching Company. The facilitators’ main role is to establish a baseline of information (as presented in the video or audio lessons) and to guide the class as it explores the discussion questions and comments posed at each class meeting.

For its service project, the class assists St. Frederick Baptist Church in Marble Falls with assembly and delivery of “meals-on-wheels” to those in need, on the fifth Saturdays of the year.

The class is now in a pattern of having two fellowship activities each year:

  • Participation in the annual all-Church-School picnic held during the Spring.
  • A Christmas social gathering.

Mary Alice Dunn and Beryl Ann Owen serve as coordinators for these social functions. Jim Jorden handles administrative matters for this class.

  “Luther, Gospel, Law and Reformation”

Click below for the study guide.

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Nov 05 Controversy Over Infant Baptism Russell York
Nov 12 Grace and Justification Russell York
Nov 19 Luther and the Bible Linda Wilson
Nov 26 Luther and Erasmus Jim Jorden
Dec 03 Luther and Predestination Stan Smith
Dec 10 Luther and Protestantism Russell York
Dec 17 Luther and Politics Linda Wilson
Dec 24 No Class
Dec 31 No Class
Jan 07 Luther and His Enemies Jim Jorden
Jan 14 Luther and the Jews Stan Smith
Jan 21 No Class-Congregational meeting
Jan 28 Luther and Modernity Russell York