History of the Church at Horseshoe Bay

The only published history of the congregation, The Church at Horseshoe Bay and the Traditions from Which We Come, was prepared by Vera Campbell in 1997. It covers the period from 1982 to June 1996. We have duplicated the text faithfully on the pages that follow. The original text version prepared by Vera Campbell had color photographs, while the published version substituted black and white. We have used the original color photos in this online version, but have placed them in the text associated with the topic they illustrate.

Part I: The Beginning of Horseshoe Bay, 1970-1982
and Organizing the Protestant Church, 1982-1989
Encompassing the Pastorate of the Revernend Thomas Campbell

Part II: Building a New Church and a New Pastor Arrives, 1989-1993
Part III: Protestant Congregation in New Church Home, 1993-1996
Parts II and III together encompass the Pastorate of The Reverend Kenneth Forshee

Parts I, II, and III have attachment documents listed as addendum in the text.
These are not currently available for display on the website, but will be added as time allows.

In 2002, Camille Bigham prepared a series of annual histories that pick up in June 1996 and bring the history forward through the end of her service as a Trustee in 2002. We have captured those histories here, adding photos of events mentioned, many from an album prepared by Marjorie Victorin, and others we have found in cupboards, envelopes, etc. around the church. In 2007, as preparation began for the 25th Anniversary of the Church, Beverly Brascom and Camille Bigham teamed up to complete the record, filling the gap from 2002 to the present.

Part IV: The Pastorate of Dr. John Long, 1996-2005
Part V: The Pastorate of the Reverend Peter Christy, 2005-present

We would like to add more pictures of church activities to the website. If you have any pictures you'd like to share (we don't need copies, just the loan of them for a few days), please contact the webmaster, Fred Klingensmith at 830 598 5028 to discuss the loan. It is particulary important that the event, its date, and who the folks in the pictures are, be identified.